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Hotfix Rhinestones Instruction Manual

The Ironing temperature is about 170~180℃(338~356°F), which can be adjusted according to different fabrics.

The ironing Time is about 10~35 seconds,which can be adjusted accroding to the size of rhinestones. If your iron don't have temperature mark,please turn to "cotton". You may also try with hotfix rhinestones applicator,which is easier to work.For the beginner,we suggest to use hotfix rhinestones applicator.

Below are iron time suggestion:

Usually,if the rhinestones pell off,it's because of the working temperature is too low or the time is too short. if the glue flows from the edge of rhinestones ,it's because the temperature is too high or the time is too long.You may try on some scrap first.

Very important,please waiting untill the rhinestones getting cool after iron,then you can test if it adhered well.otherwise, since the glue is still hot and melted,so it's easily be pelled off.