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Beadsland 8300 Stück Strasssteine ​​mit flacher Rückseite, Nagelsteine, runde Kristall-Strasssteine ​​zum Basteln, gemischt in 10 Größen mit Wachsstift und Pinzetten-Set, SS3-SS30-Smaragd

von Beadsland
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Ursprünglicher Preis $17.76
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Aktueller Preis $15.99
  • Pack of 2 box, total 8300 pieces clear rhinestones for nails in 10 sizes,two wax pencils and one tweezer for glass rhinestones flatback.
  • Shinning and High quality: These rhinestones for makeup are made of high-quality glass, with prefect cuting and super sparkling
  • Complete size and large quantity: SS3(1.2-1.4mm) 1440pcs,SS4(1.5-1.7mm) 1440pcs,SS5(1.7-1.8mm) 1440pcs,SS6(1.9-2.1mm) 1440pcs,SS8(2.3-2.5mm) 720pcs,SS10(2.7-2.9mm) 720pcs,SS12(3.0-3.2mm) 500pcs,SS16(3.8-4.0mm) 240pcs,SS20(4.6-4.8mm) 240pcs,SS30(6.3-6.5mm) 120pcs, meet most size requirements.
  • Upgraded Package: Makeup rhinestones of different sizes were placed in separate grids,easy to sorting and use.
  • Wide Applications: These nail gems and rhinestones kit are good for nail art,face art,eye makeup,body art,clothes,wedding dress,bags,shoes,phone case,and other craft decoration.DIY your life,Enjoy your life.