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Beadsland Rhinestone Trim in Size 240X400mm,Hotfix Rhinestone Mesh Banding Bridal Beaded Applique in Sheet for Dresses with 2mm Rhinestones(Champagne)

von Beadsland
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$13.99 - $13.99
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Beadsland Flat Back Crystal Rhinestones Round Gems For Nail Art And Craft Glue Fix

Size : SS3,1.2-1.4mm,SS4,1.5-1.7mm,SS5,1.7-1.9mm,SS6,1.9-2.1mm,SS8,2.3-2.5mm,SS10,2.7-2.9mm,SS12,3.0-3.2mm,SS16,3.8-4.0mm,SS20,4.6-4.8mm,SS30,6.3-6.5mm

Hight Quality: Glass Rhinestones Flatback,Prefect Cutting, Add Sparkle to Your Crafts.

Easy to Use: Apply Glue to the Surface of Object,Stick Flatback Rhinestones and Wait for Dry Out.

Wide Application: These Rhinestones are Suitable for Crafts,Clothe

Size : SS6/1.9-2.1mm,SS8/2.3-2.5mm,SS10/2.7-2.9mm,SS12/3.0-3.2mm,SS16/3.8-4.0mm,SS20/4.6-4.8mm,SS30/6.3-6.5mm,SS34/7.0-7.3mm,SS40/8.3-8.6mm High Quality: Made of high-quality glass, prefect cuting, high cleanliness, super sparkling and glittering. Easy to use: Hot melt adhesive already attached on the back of rhinestones. You can use household iron or hot fix rhinestones applicator to fix them. Use additional glue without heat also works. Wide applications: These hotfix rhinestones are applicable on clothes, shoes,bags,scaves, cellphone cases, glasses, hairpin, tablets, etc. Packaging: Zipper lock bag design help you easily seal remain iron on rhinestones for further use.